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Important Notice: Backups in Local Client Servers and Cloud Model
Posted by Jose Ortiz on 08 February 2018 05:47 PM

Attention clients on the client-server model


If you are not on the cloud model, keeping an adequate backup file of your EMR at all times is YOUR responsibility.

Despite numerous warnings in our manuals and end user agreements, every year a few Praxis users lose all their medical records due to inadequate or improper backup procedures. Several other users lose days or weeks of charting for the same reasons. The backup systems available today are not only excellent but are also inexpensive. By placing this note here, we hope that you will go to the Technical Manual and read how to perform backups well. It is not difficult to perform backups.

Be particularly sure to backup prior to any upgrades, even small updates, to the software. A backup takes a few minutes and the touch of a button.

The common thread in all the cases of lost medical records has been that the doctor had "DELEGATED" backup procedures to a staff person or to an outside expert and then never gave it a second thought. Please do not do this. We recommend that you understand and periodically review the offices backup procedures.

As always, our Support Group stands ready to advise and inspect your procedures regarding backups. Remember, these are NOT paper records!


Cloud Model

We are pleased to report that on the cloud model no client has ever lost data in the many years that the cloud has been in operation; however in theory this could still happen. So we recommend your clinic keep an extra external backup computer at a HIPAA secure place of your choice (your office, your home or wherever you feel the data will be safe). In fact, there are HIPAA compliant companies that will do this on your behalf. If you keep your external backup, again, please check it from time to time to make sure it is operational. Our customer support group is ready to advise you on this as well. Again, the cloud model is the way to go for many reasons; this being one of them.


Thank you,


Richard M. Low, MD

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