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Dear Praxis Clients,

We are very pleased to provide you with the 2020 Practice Guidelines that must be active by October 1, 2020.

The list is based on your previous requests. Note that some of you have the PAs pertaining to previous years.  We recommend you review the current criteria and line items with those of this year as CMS changes them yearly and some guidelines have been deprecated by CMS for 2020.  Often changes in the PA require only a minor adjustment on your part.  Alternatively, you may delete yours and add the new ones, but keep in mind that:

1. They will delete the timers as though the patient was new.
2. You still need to review and adapt our work to your practice. 

We have added a Mini-Manual with step-by-step instructions and which reviews each PA in detail.  If your desired guideline is not there, don't worry.  We will be happy to assist, just please let us know ASAP.  There is no guideline that Praxis cannot attest.

Here they are:
*  Practice Advisories for MIPS 2020

In other news we are continuing to improve Praxis and the future releases will be very exciting.  As you know, Praxis finally caught up with the onerous federal requirements for MACRA, and now we are focusing on improving the software for you.  We are soon releasing a new Patient Portal that will be improved dramatically. It including a patient scheduler, patient intake forms that flow right into the PSI of your SOAP Note, and patient medications refill request.  We are releasing a superb new Telemedicine Module that may activate automatically from the patient record, as well as an up to date current medications interface. 

Still more amazing developments are in the works.  We are slowly migrating Praxis to the latest technology that will make it significantly faster and easier to use.  This is a long awaited and major improvement that is still a few months away.  In essence, we are re-writing much of the code that Praxis is built on.  We will keep you posted on this exciting new development.

A new upgrade will be released in the next few days with the latest drugs and the ICD-10s, vaccines and CPTs for 2021.

As always, thank you for all your wonderful support and keep your ideas coming!

Warmest Regards,


Richard M. Low, MD
Infor-Med Corporation - Praxis® Electronic Medical Records
5800 S Eastern Ave Suite 500, Commerce, CA 90040, USA
Direct: (818) 264 4032 Office:  (818) 592-2900 x 5
Direct fax: (818)743-7759

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